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Adelaide, the capital of Australian wine and culture

Adelaide is not one of the best known cities in Australia, and surely right now you are wondering where Adelaide is. Well, Adelaide belongs to South Australia (or South Australia, in English). If we imagine the map of Australia, it is the area that would occupy the middle part of southern Australia, bordering to the north with the Northern Territory, to the northwest with Queensland, to the east with New South Wales, to the southeast with Victoria, to the south with the Great Australian Bight and the Gulfs of Spencer and Saint Vincent (Indian Ocean), and to the west with Western Australia.

Adelaide is situated in the north of the Fleurieu Peninsula, on the Adelaide Plain between the Gulf of Saint Vincent and the Mount Lofty Range. An eight-hour drive from Melbourne (yes, the distances are huge), the city stretches 20km from the coast to the foothills, and 90km from Gawler in the north to Sellicks Beach in the south.

Adelaide is one of the driest cities in Australia. The average maximum temperature is 29°C in summer and 8°C to 16°C in winter, with constant rainy days during the cold season. Autumn temperatures range from 12.5°C to 22.4°C.

Adelaide’s climate is very pleasant and spring is the best season as wildlife flourishes and everything is awash with colour. In addition, the temperatures are very pleasant and it is a perfect time to go on excursions and discover the surroundings. The rainiest month is June.

What to visit in Adelaide

We know that you love to travel and discover new places, that’s why we have made a list so you know what to visit in Adelaide. The TOP sites!

+ Kangaroo Island: This ecological paradise is the third largest island in Australia and an essential visit. You will be able to see kangaroos, koalas, seals, sea lions, penguins and pelicans up close. WOW!

+ Wilpena Pound: is a natural mountain amphitheater located 429 km north of Adelaide, in the heart of the Flinders Ranges National Park.

+ Borossa Valley: It is one of the best and oldest wine regions in Australia. It has more than 150 wineries and is known for its fresh seasonal produce, artisanal food production, and award-winning restaurants.

+ Central Market: If you love markets as much as we do, then you can’t miss Central Market, where you’ll find the best food in Adelaide.

+ North Terrace: It is the most elegant boulevard in Adelaide and where the most important cultural institutions of the city are located.

+ City Beach Volleyball: It is a small sand surface where you can play a game of volleyball or simply hang out with your new friends to relax and practice your English.

+ The Jam Factory Craft and Design Centre: It has two magnificent galleries and shops, as well as four workshops in glass, ceramics, metal and furniture design.

+ The Botanical Garden: which houses subtropical and Mediterranean species in buildings of great heritage value.

+ Glenelg Beach: here you will find wide white sand beaches, stately mansions and many places to go shopping.

+ South Australian Museum: This natural history and research museum is located near the Torrens River and is famous for having discovered the world’s largest collection of Aboriginal artifacts.

+ National Wine Centre: In this fascinating center dedicated to wine (which is actually a research center of the University of Adelaide) you can visit for free and without the need for a guide, the interactive exhibition Wine Discovery Journey and for $10 AUD you can take a Australian wine tasting. You sign up?


$280 AUD (Semana)


7º - 30º


$3,20 AUD


$15 AUD

*Approximate prices



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Advantages of living in Adelaide

+ It is one of the most beautiful and best planned cities in the world and enjoys a stable, calm and safe environment.

+ You can name it both “Adelaide” and “Adelaida” and both options are correct. Australians write “Adelaide” but in Spanish it is written with “a”.

+ The cost of living in Adelaide is one of the lowest in Australia and it is also a multicultural city.

+ It has an excellent public transport infrastructure as well as other cities in Australia.

+ Most of the accommodations are located in the city center, so you will not have to travel long distances to go to school or work.

+ If your question is what to see in Adelaide, you will be amazed with the answer and that is that you will be lucky enough to be surrounded by some of the most amazing natural landscapes in Australia and incredible beaches.

+ There are not as many Latinos as in other cities, which is very good to improve English.

+ It is a cultured, sophisticated, modern and dynamic city that is fast becoming the capital of Australian lifestyle.

+ It hosts more than 30 thousand international students every year.

+ There is a wide variety of events in Adelaide, a great mix of bars and events of all kinds and there are great job opportunities.

+ Its gastronomic and wine culture is world-renowned. It is considered the Australian wine capital and its impressive vineyards extend throughout the entire region. It has numerous wineries and is the gateway to 18 wine regions.

Disadvantages of living in Adelaide

+ Its summers are quite hot and dry Be prepared to spend some heat.

+ If you are a party-animal, you may find it a somewhat boring city.