Best of Bruny Island

Start: Hobart 7:30 am

Ends: Hobart 5:30 am

This eco-certified best value day trip to Bruny Island offers five-star scenery, nature walks, unique wildlife and tastings of delicious local produce. We will explore the highlights of North and South Bruny Island including The Neck, Adventure Bay, Two Tree Point and South Bruny National Park, with Cape Bruny, Lighthouse Beach and a great hiking option to Fluted Cape.


  • South Bruny National Park.
  • Cabo Bruny Lighthouse
  • and Lighthouse Beach.
  • Adventure Bay.
  • Point of two trees.
  • Cabo Estriado Hike.
  • Truganini viewpoint (The Neck).
  • Local wildlife.
  • Local produce tastings (Bruny Island Cheese, Get Shucked Oysters, and Bruny Island Honey).
  • Advanced Eco-Certified Tour.

It includes

  • Entrance to the National Park.
  • Ferry to Bruny Island.
  • Local produce tastings (Bruny Island Cheese, Get Shucked Oysters, and Bruny Island Honey).
  • Guided walks and free walk options.
  • Pick up and drop off from Hobart CBD hostak and motels.
  • Airport transfers available.


This great value day offers an active experience for walking enthusiasts or a more relaxed day for others. Just 25 miles south of Hobart, we board the ferry to Bruny Island in the quaint harbor town of Kettering to cruise down the D’Entrecastreaux Channel.

Heading south, we cross the isthmus that connects North and South Bruny and continue to South Bruny National Park and Cape Bruny. This scenic drive reveals the island’s wild beauty and rugged coastline, with views of wide bays, idyllic sandy beaches, wild rocky headlands and eucalyptus forests.

At the convict-built Cape Bruny Lighthouse, our guide will tell you stories of the region’s maritime history as you gaze out over the vast Southern Ocean. We will venture out to Lighthouse Beach while searching for Tassie’s Spiky Echidna.

At Adventure Bay, we’ll stop at historic Two Tree Point for morning tea featuring famous Bruny Island local produce, with tastings of Get Shucked Oysters, Bruny Island Cheese, and local sourdough. Then continue on our featured hike to Fluted Cape, with its incredible ocean views over majestic dolerite cliffs.

This is the best short walk on Bruny Island, but if you prefer something less challenging, a walk to Grass Point or along the bay’s white sand beach won’t disappoint, especially with the chance to see Bruny’s famous white kangaroos.

The highlights continue as we visit Truganini on The Neck, for stunning 360 degree views. To cap off an active day, you might want to try Bruny’s other local tastings, like leather honey, or maybe opt for a craft beer from Bruny Beer and Cheese Co.

How active is this tour?

  1. Hiking in Tasmania is world class, and we have selected beautiful walking experiences for our guests (we include many of Tasmania’s 60 Great Short Walks).
  2. Some walks are guided, while others are unguided (free walk).
  3. In many places you can choose between an easier or a more advanced option.
  4. Essentially, you can make this as active or easy as you like; all tours are optional and range from 20 minutes to 3 hours.