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Calgary, snow and mountains.

Calgary, a city located at the foot of the Rocky Mountains that was founded in 1884 and incorporated into Canada ten years later, is a unique place. Its creation as a mining town and the appearance of oil, its main economic resource, quickly made it one of the most important cities in Canada.


What to visit in Calgary

Here is a list of the essential places in Calgary:

  • Calgary Tower: You have to visit this tower that is part of the Calgary skyline. If you access the viewpoint of the tower you will really feel the height and you will have great views of the city.
  • Olympic Plaza: At any time of the year you have to visit this square. It has great views of the Calgary Tower and in winter they have an ice skating rink.
  • Heritage Park: a theme park set in the American West. You will learn a little more about the history of Canada (from 19860 to 1950) while you enjoy seeing horse-drawn carriages, steam trains or the classic saloons from western movies.
  • Peace Bridge: you have to go around this city by bike and cycle through this glass bridge, it’s really amazing!.
  • Prince’s Island Park: the wonderful vegetation, the views of the Bow River and Downtown make this park one of the most beautiful in the city.
  • Bow River: this river passes through the city of Calgary. You will be surprised by its color and the impressive nature that surrounds it. An ideal environment for a picnic day and a kayak excursion.
  • Cultural visits: You won’t want to miss the National Music Centre, the Glenbow Museum, or the impressive Wonderland sculpture (a huge man’s head).
  • Rocky Mountains: It’s worth escaping from the city for a few days and taking a drive through the Canadian Rocky Mountains, at any time of the year! The road between Banff and Jasper is one of the most beautiful in the world.


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Why study in Calgary?

The lively city of Calgary is for students who like to enjoy and experience outdoor adventures. Penguin exhibit fills Calgary Zoo with pride; the Telus Science Center buzzes with entertainment for its visitors and the Canada Olympic Park is ready to send you flying on a bobsled or on skis.

To study and live in Calgary it is necessary that the cold is not an impediment to doing things. While the restaurants are full of new ideas, the artists fill the stage, the streets and the galleries with the new music and art. If you come during the famous Calgary stampede, prepare to party like never before all day. Step back in time at Heritage Park Historic Village or the Glenbow Museum, or take a raft down the Bow River to cruise through the heart of the city. Don’t forget to explore beyond the city limits for a day or more. Calgary is a major gateway to Canada’s rugged Rocky Mountains, hiking, ranching and prehistoric dinosaur bone badlands.

How to study in Calgary?

If you want to come to study in Calgary, you will have to start by choosing a course, enrolling and doing all the paperwork to get your visa.

Although, if you prefer to live the experience of studying in Calgary without any worries, our recommendation is that you contact us. At Dream Way we are experts in helping people like you draw up their plan to come to Canada. One of our Dreamers will help you for free to decide in which city and which course you want to study, and will also take care of your registration and all the paperwork to get your visa. And ultimately, it will help you with everything you need from the moment you decide to come to Canada until you return home.

The truth is that we can think of a thousand more reasons to come to study in Calgary, but we believe that the best thing is that you discover them yourself by coming here for a while. We hope this information has been useful and if you have any questions or want to know more, write to us! We will be happy to help you.


If why study in Canada has already seduced you, it’s time to find out where.

To do this, we have tracked Calgary’s great educational offer, until we found the best institutions to fulfill your Canadian dream, whether you want to come to perfect your English or study a Professional Training course.

Schedule a consultation and we will be in contact as soon as possible to answer your questions and guide your process!

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Advantages of living in Calgary

+Job offers are abundant, especially in the service sector, oil industry and technology, among others.


+It has some of the best universities and study centers in the country.


+It is a multicultural city since it receives hundreds of international workers and students annually.


+ You can practice all the winter sports you can imagine. Either because the snow in winter is the protagonist or because it has excellent sports facilities, thanks to the celebration of the Winter Olympics in 1988.


+ This city will encourage you to lead a healthy lifestyle. It has many green areas, sports centers and one of the best bike lanes in the country.


+ It has a large number of leisure and entertainment options, both during the day and at night.


+ It is located in the perfect place from which to travel to other places in Canada and the United States.


+ You are very close to the Canadian Rocky Mountains. One of the wonders of the world that you cannot miss.

Disadvantages of living in Calgary

+The weather is quite cold. Winters are harsh.


+It is an expensive city.