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Meet, live to the fullest and learn!

Dubai is the only place in the world where you can enjoy jet skiing and a desert safari, scuba diving and a hot air balloon ride, it is the fifth best country in the world. Living in Dubai offers you security, it is a politically stable country, central, it has a good educational system and health centers, modern infrastructure and endless places to explore.

In Dubai, the sun shines all year round, the shopping and leisure facilities are top-notch, and salaries are tax-free. It is a city in constant motion, striving for greater heights and better facilities and comfort for its residents and visitors.

If right now you only have in your head the city of Sydney and its famous bay with the Sydney Opera House, you are in the right place! Here we are going to show you that in each and every one of the cities of Australia there is a reason –or many– to visit them or even stay and live in them.

Why study in Dubai?

Warm weather

Dubai enjoys a subtropical climate, with blue skies and sunshine. It is characterized by being arid and temperatures vary from lows of 1OoC to extreme highs of 45oC.


Dubai is an Islamic country, however there are other religions and followers can practice their beliefs. There are Hindu temples and Catholic and Anglican churches.

Work permit

You have a work permit while you study, Dubai is characterized by job offers in the hotel and tourism sector. Whose jobs are well paid.

Cultural diversity

In Dubai Arabic is the official language in the United Arab Emirates, however English is the most widely spoken language in education, commerce and tourism. What allows the international student to know more than 200 nationalities that live there.


Dubai is among the 10 safest cities in the world, with a high level of quality of life. Students must be law abiding as the nation has a zero tolerance policy towards the use of illegal substances.

Public transport

Public transport in Dubai is divided into two, a land transport system, comprising buses, metro, taxis and tram. Maritime transport is made up of the ferry and other water transport.

living costs


1000 USD


30 USD


100 USD

Food Night

15 USD

*Approximate prices

Learn, live and transform

General English course (15 hours per week) AC
  • Elementary
    Pre intermediate

Since 6.000 USD

It does not include air tickets or personal expenses, but do not worry, we will support you in that process!

(15 sessions per level)

Intermediate English – Advanced

Since 3.865 USD

It does not include accommodation or air tickets, but do not worry, we will support you in that process!

Receive more information and clarify your doubts, we will be in contact!
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Australia - Hobart

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Suite 6 Level 2

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Carrera 4 # 12-59

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