Gold Coast

Australia's Favourite City

The Gold Coast, indeed, is the favourite tourist destination of Australians. The main attraction of the seventh largest city in Australia is undoubtedly the enormous number of beaches that stretch for more than 60 kilometres. And also its fantastic subtropical climate!

Gold Coast is located on the east coast of Australia and is part of the State of Queensland, 70 km south of the city of Brisbane north of Sydney. In the perfect place to live your adventure and go out to explore Australia! In the last 50 years it has been transformed from a set of isolated villages, to an urban area inhabited by more than 650,000 people.

The subtropical climate and its attractive beaches for surfing (the closest to Brisbane), attract millions of national and international tourists each year, in addition to the huge number of locals who have decided to live on the Gold Coast.

Although the 44 kilometres of beaches are the main destination for those who visit the Gold Coast, the truth is that the inland area (Gold Coast Hinterland) can boast of being one of the most important natural environments in all of Australia. In total, there are around 100,000 hectares of reserves and forests dotted with several National Parks that we recommend visiting for their charm. They are spectacular!

The most important of the National Parks in the area is the Lamington National Park, which is divided into two parts: Green Mountains (The Green Mountains) and Binna Burra.

Another of the most visited parks is Springbrook National Park, where we often take our students. Are you coming? The climate on the Gold Coast is humid subtropical, with mild winters and hot, humid summers. In summer there are storms while winter is sunny, warm and quite dry. Forget about umbrellas! When it rains, it is usually accompanied by a strong wind, so if you do not want to get soaked and be left with a broken umbrella, it is best to take a raincoat in your suitcase for those days. Don’t forget to bring a sweater regardless of the time of year you arrive. Although it is a tropical area, in winter it can be cold and yet in summer the temperature can reach 40 degrees.

Advantages of living on the Gold Coast

+ Gold Coast has grown from a small beachside vacation destination to Australia’s seventh largest city. Located within the Southeast Queensland Growth Corridor, it is considered the fastest growing city in Australia.

+ About 10 million tourists visit the Gold Coast each year. Tourism is the largest industry in the region, accounting for one of every job in the city.

+ There are approximately 60 km of beach, 600 km of canals, 100,000 hectares of nature reserve, 500 restaurants, 40 golf courses and 6 theme parks in the city. Wow!

+ It is the city of surfing par excellence! You will find many beaches and several spots to learn to surf or perfect your surfing.

+ It is also considered the city of the party. There are nightly plans for all tastes!

+ You will find quiet neighbourhoods to live at a good price.

+ It is a very comfortable city to move around by bicycle.

+ There are many Spanish speakers on the Gold Coast. Perfect for sharing impressions!

+ The quality of life and multicultural environment of the Gold Coast are just another of the many reasons that make this city the favourite of any Australian … and perhaps yours! Would you dare to live in the Gold Coast?

Disadvantages of living on the Gold Coast

+ Being a tourist destination, it is not a city where you can meet many Australians if you move through the central areas but you will find Spaniards in the Gold coast.

+ It is the main tourist destination in Australia, so in summer the main areas are full of people.

+ The job is temporary and in winter there is little supply. To take into account when deciding when to land!

The best neighbourhoods to live on the Gold Coast

One of the common questions among those recently landed in the Gold Coast or even among those who want to live there is: What are the best areas? Well, it is a difficult answer to answer. There is no list of the best neighbourhoods to live in the Gold Coast to live, it all depends on your preferences, your lifestyle, where you have school and if you are willing to use a lot of public transport or prefer to move on foot or by bike.

What is ideal is to live in the areas closest to the beach. The Gold Coast has many inland suburbs, but what is the point of coming to the Gold Coast to live away from the beach? The prices do not vary according to the areas, they depend more on the type of room and the conditions of each floor. Here is a compilation of the best neighbourhoods to live in the Gold Coast, ordered from North to South:

+ Southport: Most language schools are grouped in this area, so you can enjoy the best international atmosphere integrated with the Aussies in the area. The Australian Fair Shopping Center (or shopping center, to understand us) make this neighbourhood a really advisable area to look for work. It is a quiet neighbourhood, without much nightlife but with many possibilities during the day. If you want to come to the Gold Coast to relax and disconnect, this is your option. If you come in search of beaches and do not stop for a single moment, choose another!

+ Main Beach: In our most sincere opinion, it is one of the best beaches you can find. The waves in this area are a must for anyone traveling with a surfboard under his arm. This neighbourhood is one of the quietest areas of the Gold Coast. Despite its many restaurants – a detail that makes this neighbourhood a good destination to find hospitality work – Main Beach is not your destination if you are looking for a street environment at all hours.

+ Surfers Paradise: Here you can find one of the best known beaches in the city and even in the whole country. It is one of the most central neighbourhoods in the Gold Coast, the nucleus of the city. Today, this neighbourhood is full of job opportunities in hospitality, shops … It has become the epicentre for young people who travel without hesitation to this destination in search of a little piece of paradise. The contrast of its nightlife, its discos, with its quiet areas between the canals (Peninsular Drive, Chevron Island or Capri Island) make this neighbourhood one of the frequent destinations for anyone who wants to live the Aussie experience to the fullest. But don’t be fooled by its name. If you like surfing, better choose another neighbourhood.

+ Broadbeach: A multitude of hotels, restaurants, shops, pubs, countless cafes with their terraces under the sun and a magnificent park with BBQs that stretches along the beach characterise Broadbeach. With countless areas for outdoor sports, public showers and sports facilities, in this neighbourhood you will not miss surfing at any time. You will always find a way out to stay in shape! It is presented as an area full of atmosphere at all hours of the day.

+ Burleigh Heads: If you choose Burleigh Heads as a destination, you will see that the number of tourists in this area is considerably lower than in the rest of the Gold Coast neighbourhoods that we have mentioned. This area is also ideal for those addicted to the waves. So if you’d rather end up exhausted after a good surf session rather than spend the night dancing at the best venues, list Burleigh Heads as one of your favourite options.

+ Coolangatta: This COOL neighbourhood located south of the Gold Coast is one of the best areas to live if you are an unconditional lover of surfing. This area concentrates the best waves not only in Australia, but – dare we say – in the entire world. Beaches like Kirra, Rainbow Bay, Duranbah or Snapper Rocks await you predisposed to let you hallucinate with the waves they have to offer. Tourism is also one of the main engines of the area, so hospitality, shops, hotels and all kinds of jobs for young people are relatively easy to find in this Gold Coast neighbourhood.

What to visit in Gold Coast

The main attraction of the city of Gold Coast and its surroundings is, without a doubt, the enormous number of beaches that stretch for more than 60 kilometres.

One of the most valued characteristics of these beaches is that the water always has a very pleasant temperature, an average of 22 degrees. It won’t take long to fall in love with beaches like Main Beach, Surfers Paradise, and Broadbeach.

In fact, Surfers Paradise, the best known beach on the Gold Coast, is also one of the most famous in the entire country. In the Broadbeach area we can find a large number of shops and restaurants next to the beach. On the other hand, if what we want is to dedicate ourselves body and soul to surfing, then Duranbah, Burleigh Point, Kirra, Coolangata or South Stradbroke will be the places that will trap us forever. We know that you love to travel and discover new places, so we have made a list so you know what to visit in Gold Coast. The most TOP sites!

+ Burleigh Heads National Park: On Burleigh Heads beach there is a natural park where you can find many animals and have incredible views of the entire city.

+ The Spit: It is a super long breakwater with a pier at the end with incredible views, especially at sunset.

+ Miami Marketta: Located in Miami Beach, it is a food and dessert market from all over the world with live music and a style of the most alternative and cool.

+ Sky Point: It is a 360º observation point of the city of Gold Coast located on the 77th floor of the Q1 building in Surfers Paradise.

+ Shopping in Harbour Town: Outlets of all types of stores and brands, there are also greengrocers and restaurants.

+ Coombabah National Park: A natural park to walk and see kangaroos and koalas with ease.

+ Springbrook National Park: Springbrook National Park is a national park in Queensland, located 78 km south of Brisbane. It is part of the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia, a site classified by Unesco as a World Heritage Site.

+ Currumbin Rock Pools: Slippery rocks create natural slides in fresh water. There are plenty of picnic tables, toilets, in an environment surrounded by greenery

+ Coolangata Beach: It is an ideal destination for surfers and beach lovers. It is half an hour from Surfers Paradise and it is a set of beaches that you cannot miss if you come to the Gold Coast. Especially Froggy’s Beach, a very special corner surrounded by rocks where one of them is a nice frog.

+ Stradbroke Island: It is an easily accessible island 30 kilometres from Brisbane known among the Aussies as “Straddie”. It takes half an hour by boat from the port and there are very cheap campsites where you can camp. It is a perfect spot to see kangaroos, koalas and dolphins.


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