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Hobart, the heart of Tasmania

The most common destination for international students who wish to study, work and travel in Tasmania is Hobart. Being the capital of Tasmania and the second oldest city in the antipodes after Sydney, it is a cosmopolitan and multicultural city, home to around 200,000 inhabitants and is classified as one of the cities with the greatest long-term economic and social projection in Australia.

Tasmania is a remote island state off the southern coast of Australia. Its capital is the city of Hobart, which is the most populous of the island state. Hobart is the second oldest capital in the country after Sydney. It is the 26th largest island in the world, along with more than 300 small adjacent islands. It is located 240 km southeast of the continent, separated by the Bass Strait.

Tasmania is named after the Dutch explorer and trader Abel Tasman, who made the first European sighting and reported the island on November 25, 1642. It is famous for its vast and rugged natural areas, mostly protected within parks and Bookings. Currently it is one of the migratory destinations that is fashionable in Australia.

Now, what will Tasmania have that many are considering it as an option to reside. Will it be your low cost of living? The ease of your immigration process? The small number of Spanish speakers? Their customs? or its natural landscapes? We have compiled for you all the information you need to know about this city, which is among the best in Australia to apply for permanent residence.

Where is Hobart located?

As one of those new destinations of interest for international students, we have compiled all the information you need to know about this large island located in the south of Australia.

Tasmania is one of the least populated states in Australia, located in the southern part of the Bass Strait which is between the Antarctic and the Tasman Sea. The closest city on the mainland is Melbourne.

The capital of Tasmania and which is the largest city in this region is Hobart, it is located in the southern part of the island, has served as the main port for many years and is the second oldest city in Australia. Founded in 1804, it was originally an English convict center and later became a fishing town, mainly whaling.

Tasmania is promoted as a natural state, the protected areas of this city cover around 42% of its land area, including national parks and World Heritage sites. Hobart was the founding place of the world’s first environmental political party.


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Why study in Hobart?

One of the questions that students ask themselves when studying an educational program in Australia is why study in Tasmania. Well, the answer is mainly the cost, its quiet lifestyle and finally the great profits that the state is offering. These benefits cover any international student who wishes to attend a technical or university educational program lasting more than 1 year.

Among the university educational options offered by Hobart is the University of Tasmania. This university has one of the best engineering, environment, marine biology programs in Australia. In addition, it has great research facilities, is one of the oldest universities in Australia and currently has almost 23 thousand students.

Work in Hobart - Tasmania Australia

Part of the benefits of taking an educational program in Australia is the fact that international students can work part time. But many of them ask us, what are the options to work in Hobart. Well, many of the jobs are related to casual jobs in hotels, restaurants, bars and casinos.

Therefore, if your idea is to apply for permanent residence in this state, the majority of jobs in Tasmania are related to the government sector, mining industries, agriculture, industrial fishing and tourism.

Here are some job search sites in Tasmania:

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Advantages of living in Hobart

+ Hobart is a small city, with an estimated population of 218,000 residents. It is estimated that in the next 10 years it will reach 300,000 inhabitants. This means that it is a very quiet city and that the costs of living are much cheaper than Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and the Gold Coast, which is very advantageous for international students in their search to lower costs.


+ If you want to do an English course in Tasmania, then Hobart would be a great destination as there are not many Spanish-speaking students in this city.


On the other hand, Hobart’s climate is moderate in all its seasons.


Another advantage that makes this destination ideal for international students is the fact that the environment of this large island is very green, it has one of the best and most varied ecosystems in Australia.


+ It is also considered a paradise for cheese and wine lovers. The industry of these two sectors in Tasmania is very large.


On the other hand, if your passion is fishing, we tell you that the destination of Tasmania is a paradise for lovers of this sport.


+ It is one of the few regions with the cleanest air on the planet.


Lastly, let’s not forget that Hobart’s modern lifestyle makes a perfect match.

Disadvantages of living in Hobart

+ Hobart is a small city, so if you are looking for a cosmopolitan and very large destination, then this city would not be your educational destination.


Being an island, access to Tasmania has to be done by air or sea, which can be a bit tedious for those students who want to make land trips to other cities in Australia such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or the Gold Coast.


+ The transportation system throughout the island is the Tasmania RedLines buses or the TassieLink. Because it is a small island, the public transport system is not that frequent, so most students prefer to buy a second-hand bicycle or small car to get around the island.