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Melbourne, the best city in the world.

Melbourne is an incredible city, full of streets and corners to discover. A modern and cosmopolitan city, capital of the state of Victoria, a vibrant city made up of wide streets arranged in a grid with an exotic mix of style, sports, culture and gastronomy.

The state of Victoria is located in the southeast of Australia and has unique natural, cultural and sporting attractions ready for you to explore and enjoy. Melbourne has all the ingredients to be one of the most attractive and interesting cities in the world: top quality restaurants, a very accessible public transport system and a calendar full of sporting, cultural and artistic events.

Considered the cultural capital of Australia thanks to its non-stop program of food and film festivals, major art exhibitions and musical blockbusters, the city is also known for its diverse range of sporting events, such as the Tennis Open and the Formula 1 Grand Prix. .

Beyond the city you’ll find spectacular views along the coast, wild outback, renowned vineyards and wineries, rugged mountain peaks and fascinating wildlife. All these attractions are very affordable and attract visitors from all over the world.

What to visit in Melbourne

We know that you love to travel and discover new places, that’s why we have made a list so you know what to visit in Melbourne. The TOP sites!

+ Botanic Gardens: You can take a walk through these famous gardens and observe all the fauna.

+ Bath Boxes, on Middle Brighton Beach: Colors and more colours! The well-known bath houses in Brighton have been around since 1862 and are a wonder.

+ The street of changing graffities: It is located on Hosier Lane, near Fed Square. You will be able to observe how quickly the art of this city changes.

+ Melbourne Museum: It is a natural and cultural history museum located in Carlton Gardens and is the largest museum in the southern hemisphere.

+ State Library Of Viciator: The library has more than 2 million books and 16,000 serials, including the folios of Captain James Cook, R.N.

+ Puffing Billy Railway: It is the inland terminus of the famous “Puffin Billy” heritage steam railway.

+ Wilsons Promontory: Known locally as “The Prom”. It contains the largest coastal wilderness area in Victoria.

+ Great Ocean Road: National Heritage. 150 miles off the Torquay-Allansford road.

+ The Grampians: National Park. It is located 235 kilometers west of Melbourne, full of incredible mountains of sandstone rock.

+ Phillip Island: Australian island, about 140 kilometers southeast of Melbourne. It forms a natural breakwater for the waters of the Western Port.


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Advantages of living in Melbourne

+ You can enjoy your favorite sport when and where you want.


+ You will witness innumerable events of international importance, such as the Australian Open, Motorcycle GP Grand Prix, Melbourne Cup…


+ You will never finish discovering all the restaurants and entertainment venues from countless different cultures that this city has prepared for you.


+ Beach? The best beaches in Australia will be just a step away from you.


+ The tram and buses are free in the city center. It has one of the best transportation systems in the country!


+ It is the second largest city in Australia and has been named the best city in the world for seven consecutive years by The Economist magazine. There must be a reason!.


+ One of the best experiences of living in Melbourne is the large number of places to practice outdoor sports and a very varied cultural life, it is the ideal place in Australia for those who want to forget about the routine and live an experience full. What we call life!.


+ In most of the suburbs of Melbourne you will find , parties of all cultures, art exhibitions, theater, concerts, cocktail bars with live music, COOL cafes, street artists and nightclubs with a variety of musical styles.

Disadvantages of living in Melbourne

+ The famous phrase “four seasons in one day” is true. The weather in the city is sometimes insane, and the winters are usually colder than in other cities. A coat, and that’s it!.


+ Rental prices are usually a bit higher than in other cities. It’s normal… Everyone wants to enjoy this city!.


+ Gathers quite a few tourists every year. For this reason, sometimes, depending on which areas there may be a lot of people.


+ It has no beach to surf, the waves are an hour south of Melbourne. There you will find Bells Beach, a world-renowned surfing beach.