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Montreal, a city of opportunities.

Unlike other cities in Canada, Montreal is predominantly French-speaking, a perfect opportunity to learn another language! But don’t worry, this city is bilingual and English is also the official language of the city.

The island of Montreal is located in the extreme southwest of the province of Québec, between the Saint Lawrence River and the Rivière des Praires. It is the largest island in the Hochelaga archipelago.

It is located 75 km east of the Canadian province of Ontario, 150 km east of the country’s capital, Ottawa, and 200 km from Québec City.

Canadian citizens have acquired an unusual way of spelling out directions: “North” of the city actually corresponds to the north-east direction on the compass; the “south” of the city, to the magnetic southwest, the “east” of the city, to the magnetic southeast, and the “west” of the city, to the northwest.

What to visit in Montreal

The city of Montreal has an incredible tourist offer. The main places to visit are:

The Basilica of Notre Dame, of neo-Gothic architecture and inspired by the Sainte Chapelle in Paris.
The Olympic Tower is the tallest leaning building in the world at 165m high. Ideal for taking pictures of the city.
The Museum of Fine Arts is located in the Downtown neighborhood and is considered one of the best among the top 100 worldwide.
The Old Port is one of the most beautiful and the most visited historical site in the city.
La Grande Roue de Montreal, a Ferris wheel where you can see the skyline of the city from above.
The Clock Tower, a totally unique walk in which you will visit the tower, a building from the year 1922, built to commemorate the Canadian sailors who died in the First World War.
The Mont Royal Park, a mountain where you can enjoy views from the viewpoint of the Chalet de Mont Royal.
Oratoire Saint Joseph, a beautiful Catholic basilica from 1904, with a mixture of different types of architecture.


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Why study in Montreal?

The quality of education is another point in favor of one of the Canadian cities. Some of its schools and universities are among the best in Canada and the world. On top of that, tuition is so affordable that there are about 200,000 students living here.

In other words, if you are considering studying in Montreal, don’t think twice! ? Taking advantage of the academic and work opportunities offered by one of Canada’s cities is better than earning 1 million dollars. Well, not quite like that, but check out these experiences anyway!

How to study in Montreal?

If you want to come to study in Montreal, you will have to start by choosing a course, enrolling and doing all the paperwork to get your visa.

Although, if you prefer to live the experience of studying in Montreal without any worries, our recommendation is that you contact us. At Dream Way we are experts in helping people like you draw up their plan to come to Canada. One of our Dreamers will help you for free to decide in which city and which course you want to study, and will also take care of your registration and all the paperwork to get your visa. And ultimately, it will help you with everything you need from the moment you decide to come to Canada until you return home.

The truth is that we can think of a thousand more reasons to come to study in Montreal, but we believe that the best thing is that you discover them yourself by coming here for a while. We hope this information has been useful and if you have any questions or want to know more, write to us! We will be happy to help you.


If why study in Canada has already seduced you, it’s time to find out where.

To do this, we have traced the great educational offer of Montreal, until we find the best institutions to fulfill your Canadian dream, whether you want to come to perfect your English or to study a Professional Training course.

Schedule a consultation and we will be in contact as soon as possible to answer your questions and guide your process!

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Advantages of living in Montreal

+Diversity of cultural and tourist activities.


+It is the largest city in the province of Quebec.


+Surrounded by numerous small islands that you can visit in your free time.


+It has a differentiated climate, with a cold winter in which you can enjoy the snow and a mild summer with an average temperature of 20 degrees.


+Calm atmosphere. Philosophy: relax, take it easy.


+It has the largest university population per capita thanks to its recognized universities.


+Very efficient transportation system.

Disadvantages of living in Montreal

+ Montrealers are a bit shy.


+ Winters are cold, but if you like snow, it’s your destiny.


+ Although expensive, it is one of the cheapest cities.