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We are a group of young people full of passion, energy and affection. Our goal is to help you fulfill your dream, advise you on your decisions, accompany you on the way to Australia, Malta, Canada or Dubai and guide you in your experience once you are there.

Hobart - Australia

Our team abroad

Jessica Zúñiga

Opita, She is the entrepreneur who landed in Australia, in search of improving her professional profile. She is an Industrial Engineer, with studies in Business. She is a travel lover and hopes to be the happiest person when buying a Dreamer flight. She is in charge of directing Dream Way and ensures that the service and processes are better every day.

Karen Sanchez

Opita, estudiante internacional en Sydney que desde su experiencia dreamer le encanta asesorar a los estudiantes para que al igual que ella puedan cumplir su sueño de estudiar y trabajar en el exterior.
Neiva - Huila

Our team in Colombia

Santiago Ramos

Opita, Professional in Environmental Engineering and technologist in environmental prevention, mitigation and control. The skill that Santi has best developed is to enchant with her fun and joy. She is characterized by being social and Responsible. With pleasure in particular sport. He currently works as an advisor to offshore students in Latin America, being a manager of dreams abroad.
Bogotá - DC

Our team in Colombia

Alejandra Gomez

Student Counsellor
Opita, Business Administrator, characterized by being a proactive person, with extensive experience in customer service which allows me to advise empathetically and honestly. She currently works for Dream Way as an advisor to offshore students in Latin America, helping to fulfill dreams of studying abroad.
Australia - Hobart

Suite 6 Level 2
5/21 Bathurst St, Hobart TAS 7000 Australia
+61 413 857 919

Australia - Sidney

Office 2123, Level 21/207 Kent St, Sydney NSW 2000
+61 424 608 467

Colombia - Neiva

Carrera 4 # 12-59 Local 101 Neiva - Huila, Edificio Conecta

+57 320 476 7990

Colombia - Bogota

Calle 94 # 21 - 76, Capital Work
+57 3222534176

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