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Sliema is the second most preferred city in Malta for students, thanks to its lively atmosphere where you can enjoy shopping in its shopping area or strolling along its beautiful promenade called The Ferries.

What used to be another quiet fishing village, today is consolidated as one of the leisure centers with the most modern hotels and casinos in all of Malta, ideal for all those who want to learn English in a place with a lot of atmosphere.

St. Julians is the favorite place that tourists and students choose to party, in this beautiful place you will find the famous Paceville area, where there are countless bars where you can have a good beer to the rhythm of music.

Although St. Julians is small in size, only 1.6 km², it has a population of 7,752.

What to do in Sliema

We know that you love to travel and discover new places, that’s why we have made a list of the TOP places!.


Fond Ghadir: It is the most central and largest beach in Sliema. In it, the characteristic natural pools excavated in the rock, directly connected to the sea, stand out. The beach is made up of large flat rocks typical of Malta where you can rest and sunbathe.


The Ferrie Promenade: Sliema has two promenades. Where you will get a magnificent panoramic view of Valletta, as well as Manoel Island. It is a luxury to contemplate it while you eat, dine, have a coffee or a drink. In this area you will find many places where you can enjoy your leisure time.


The Independence Garden: One of the most beautiful spaces in Sliema. It is ideal to be visited with family. It has a large enclosure where the little ones can run around. It also has a children’s leisure area, and benches from which you can keep an eye on your children. Or you can do it from one of the tables of its kiosk, where you can order your favorite drink, or enjoy a delicious snack.


Fort Tigné: You will find it next to The Point, one of its most popular shopping malls. This polygonal-shaped fortress was built by the Order of Saint John between 1793 and 1795. It is one of the oldest in the world. With this construction, the aim was to protect Sliema and the rest of the island, both its ports and the interior, from the attacks they received from the sea.


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Advantages of living in Sliema

A relatively medium-sized city, Sliema may be quite a bit smaller than your typical destination, but its population of 15,000 makes it one of the largest urban centers in Malta. You’ll have all the conveniences of major cities, but the short distances and homey feel of small towns.


It is a modern city, In addition to the historic buildings, you can find contemporary and ready-to-wear accommodation options in the city.


It is central, it has nightlife, it is close to one of the main commercial areas of the island, since many companies and business centers are located there, as well as many clothing stores and the most important shopping center in Malta.


The language, Malta was a British colony for more than 150 years, despite having gained independence from the United Kingdom, the state of Malta has decided to keep the English language as one of its official languages ​​and all the inhabitants speak both Maltese and English.

Disadvantages of living in Sliema

Rents can be a little more expensive than in other cities in Malta, as this can be one of the most modern cities on the island, and it is a bit difficult to park in the area because it is always full of cars.