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Victoria, a diverse city.

In Victoria you will have the opportunity to discover one of the oldest cities in western Canada, in an incomparable setting such as Vancouver Island, in the Pacific Ocean where you will have beach options, and induction to the aquatic world, you could do sailing activities or kayaking, even riding a bike outdoors, eating a lot of salmon or sushi.


What to visit in Victoria

When you have seen our favorite places in this city, we advise you to visit the rest of the island.


Inner Harbour: This area of ​​the harbor is simply beautiful. You will be struck by the architecture, the colors and the large boats moored in the port.

Tea Time at Fairmont Empress: Reservations are required for tea time at this hotel. It is served in the traditional English way: large pots, china cups, cupcakes and mini sandwiches. A delight!
Fisherman’s Wharf – This houseboat settlement is a real treat for the eyes. Some of the houseboats have been converted into small businesses, but retain their full identity.
Craigdarroch Castle – A castle packed with character and history that attracts hundreds of tourists each year.

British Columbia Parliament Building: You can always find time to admire this iconic building. You can also visit its interior or simply sit on its steps to rest and admire the views.

Butchart Gardens: In the 22 hectares that make up these gardens you will find different kinds of flowers and trees. Japanese garden, Mediterranean garden, large rose bushes; each of its spaces is full of magic, color and aromas.

Chinatown: forced to walk its streets and soak up the smells and culture of this neighborhood.

Sighting of marine fauna: one of the great attractions is the great diversity of marine animals that live in the area. From different points of the island, tours are carried out to observe whales, killer whales, dolphins, seals and sea otters.

Vancouver Island: when you have nothing new to discover in Victoria, it is worth visiting the rest of the island. Tofino and Ucluelet are some of the places that you cannot miss.


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How to study in Victoria?

If you want to come to study in Victoria, you will have to start by choosing a course, register and carry out all the procedures to obtain your visa.

Although, if you prefer to live the experience of studying in Victoria without any worries, our recommendation is that you contact us. At Dream Way we are experts in helping people like you draw up their plan to come to Canada. One of our Dreamers will help you for free to decide in which city and which course you want to study, and will also take care of your registration and all the paperwork to get your visa. And ultimately, it will help you with everything you need from the moment you decide to come to Canada until you return home.

The truth is that we can think of a thousand more reasons to come to study in Victoria, but we believe that the best thing is that you discover them yourself by coming here for a while. We hope this information has been useful and if you have any questions or want to know more, write to us! We will be happy to help you.


By taking an English course in Victoria, you could not only get to know the most renowned universities in Canada, but also find a wide mix of international cultures, and a wide variety of outdoor activities that will help you improve your English speaking skills. faster and more efficient way. You will test your level of English and thus obtain a better skill when facing the language. Nothing better than improving your skills in a language while you can explore and enjoy an environment full of so much history and diversity. It is an exciting experience, where the beauty of its landscapes is combined with urban and cosmopolitan life. During your English course in Victoria you will have the opportunity to get to know one of the most beautiful cities in Canada, experience its lifestyle, soak up its culture and share its customs.

Schedule a consultation and we will be in contact as soon as possible to answer your questions and guide your process!

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Advantages of living in Victoria

+It is a small city that you can easily move around on foot.


+It has the mildest climate in Canada. It has the typical rains of the west coast but with very pleasant temperatures.


+Job opportunities are varied; service sector, finance, technology, government jobs. Being the capital of British Columbia, many of the government agencies are located here.


+Education is excellent. Its main universities and schools receive international students every year.


+You can practice all kinds of outdoor sports, both at sea and on land: surfing, kayaking, canoeing, hiking, cycling, mountain biking, boat trips.


+The marine fauna of the area is very diverse; whales, killer whales, dolphins, sea otters, seals. You will be impressed by the spectacular wildlife.


+You will find very good restaurants, especially with fish and seafood specialties.

Disadvantages of living in Victoria

+Si eres amante de la nieve te va a tocar conducir. Las pistas de esquí se encuentran al norte de la isla, a unas 3 horas en coche.


+Al estar en una isla, si quieres visitar el resto de Canadá o incluso ir a los Estados Unidos, tendrás que coger alguno de los ferries diarios que salen hacia Vancouver o Seattle. O, si lo prefieres, puedes viajar en avión. 


+Es una de las 10 ciudades más caras de Canadá, pero con un trabajo medio no te costará llevar un buen estilo de vida.