Vocational Courses

The initials VET refer to Vocational Education Training (vocational education courses). These courses are offered by Australian schools thanks to the Australian government’s analysis of the labor market, since VET courses respond to the needs of employees in the country itself. For example, if the country needs chefs, cooking courses are created in Australia to train new chefs. In this way, young people who finish their studies have a better chance of finding work and meeting the needs of the market.

The Australian Government is very proud to claim that VET courses are taught by professionals who are not just teachers, but have experience in their field. This means that not only theory is learned, but that they are quite practical courses, which allows a more real learning and a better preparation for the labor market.

The duration of a VET course is quarterly and ranges from three months to the number of quarters that each course lasts.

Requirements to study a VET course

To study a VET course you have to meet a series of requirements established by the Australian Government and the schools that teach them. Basically these requirements are two:

  • Medium-high level of English: As the classes are going to be English, it is obvious that you will need a knowledge of the language that allows you to keep track of the classes, assignments and tasks. The level of English is usually accredited with a test or by presenting an official certificate such as IELTS, Cambridge.
  • Basic studies: In order to access a VET course, you must have completed at least basic or vocational training studies in your country of origin.

The fields of study are very diverse, and the price will depend both on the type of course chosen, as well as on the institution or the duration of the course.

The main areas that you can find are:

  • Restaurants (hospitality),
  • Finance (business, management, accounting),
  • Media (web development, graphic design, social media, information technologies),
  • Health, care for children and the elderly,
  • Beauty (massages, natural therapies),
  • Tourism, sports (fitness, personal trainer, specialties),
  • Job security, customer service, etc.

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