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Toronto, iconic and multicultural.

The most iconic city in Canada has a multicultural atmosphere, a dizzying pace, incredible landscapes in which to disconnect and one of the best educational offers in the country. Here we tell you everything!

The city of Toronto is on the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario, in southeastern Canada. It is the fifth largest city in North America and the largest in Canada.

What to visit in Toronto

Ripley Aquarium: It is located at the base of the CN Tower and is ideal for spending an afternoon observing the wonderful aquatic creatures.

Casa Loma: This amazing castle attracts hundreds of tourists every year. Its gardens and buildings are beautiful.

Royal Ontario Museum: It is the largest museum in Canada and in its extensive galleries you can find exhibitions of art, science and archaeology.

St. Lawrence Market: A must visit. One of the most popular markets in the country.

CN Tower: It is one of the most popular attractions in the city and a Canadian icon. It is 553 meters high.

Toronto Islands: The Toronto Islands are perfect for excursions. You can visit them by ferry and spend the whole day exploring them. You’ll find beaches, picnic areas, and a wide variety of activities to enjoy.


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Why study in Toronto?

Toronto is the type of city that has all the characteristics to become the ideal place to improve your English or to start your professional training. The work, leisure and amenities scene in Toronto is very varied and is capable of satisfying the needs and tastes of its almost 6 million inhabitants.

Toronto is chosen every year by hundreds of students from all over the world, so the city breathes multiculturalism. In addition, there is a wide range of accommodation and resources to complete your student experience.

In fact, it is the safest city in all of Canada. Here you will rarely see robberies or feel in danger even walking down the street late at night.

The citizens of Toronto are very friendly and easy going. And, although you can get a scare everywhere, in Toronto the chances are very low.

In addition, Toronto is perfectly connected to a very efficient and clean public transport system, so you can carry out your daily routine without worry.

How to study in Toronto?

If you want to come to study in Toronto, you will have to start by choosing a course, enrolling and doing all the paperwork to get your visa.

Although, if you prefer to live the experience of studying in Toronto without any worries, our recommendation is that you contact us. At Dream Way we are experts in helping people like you draw up their plan to come to Canada. One of our Dreamers will help you for free to decide in which city and which course you want to study, and will also take care of your registration and all the paperwork to get your visa. And ultimately, it will help you with everything you need from the moment you decide to come to Canada until you return home.

The truth is that we can think of a thousand more reasons to come to study in Toronto, but we believe that the best thing is that you discover them yourself by coming here for a while. We hope this information has been useful and if you have any questions or want to know more, write to us! We will be happy to help you.


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Advantages of living in Toronto

+There are many good job offers. Opportunities abound and salaries are high.


+You will be close to the beach. There are many amazing places to visit.


+It is a safe and multicultural city. It is common to meet people whose first language is not English. No one is going to look at you funny because you don’t control the language.


+Fun and entertainment guaranteed. Here you will not get bored nor will you lack plans.


+It has a fun nightlife for all tastes.


+ Offers sporting events for fans of different professional sports such as Basketball, Soccer, Hockey.


+ It has long summers with many activities.

Disadvantages of living in Toronto

+ The weather is quite cold. Winters are harsh.

+ It is an expensive city.